Am I Underpaid?

This is a simple web application for a group of employees to find out their average salary without exposing any individual salary information to anyone in the group, or storing any private information on the server.

Feel free to go create a salary survey

How it works

1. When you create a survey, it is seeded with a large random number. Your salary is then added to that number as the running total.

2. Special links are sent out to all of the email addresses you specified. These links will allow each person to input their salary, which is then added to the running total.

3. When everyone has responded, or the survey owner finalizes the survey, the large number is subtracted away, and an average is taken, which gives the average salary of all participants.

How your data is protected.

1. The server does not store any email addresses. The only time the server knows any email address is during survey creation time. Once the links have been sent to all participants, there is no way to link a submitted salary to a specific email address.

2. The salary information stored as a running total rather than as individual salary numbers.

3. During the time that a survey is collecting responses, it is not possible to know which of the participants has responded.

4. Once a survey has closed, all information other than the average salary is erased.

5. All surveys have a 7 day expiration window. At the end of the 7 days, all links expire and the survey result is no longer accessible.

Who I am and why I built this.

My name is Piper Merriam and I'm a software engineer. I feel strongly that one of the best ways to ensure pay equality is through information. Sites like glassdoor are great, however, I though there was a niche not being filled.

I designed this app with privacy as a primary consideration. I wanted to ensure that people could use this site with no fear of having their personal information leaked.

This site does not store any personally identifying information, nor does it implement any tracking mechanisms. If you have any concerns or questions, feel free to email me at